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********************************************************************* * ABOUT THIS PORTAL INCLUDING ITS UNIQUE Yoga6dOrg SEARCH ********************************************************************* And about its PURE FORM. Every time you search, the sequence of results is freshly made by coincidences. The input to this coincidence, or chance (or 'synchronicity') is a portion of the counter number vaguely suggesting the intensity of activity of use of the yoga6dOrg search, so it will be new by each click, quite naturally, and in a way which ties in with your intuition as to just WHEN to use this seach engine: when will it produce the most lucky results for you? In addition, for most words, there are overlapping results, due to what is called 'hashing', this is also what we might call a great deal of 'ambiguity': lots of results having no relationships to the keyword also comes up. Just HOW it overlaps changes rather deeply each month or at least several times pre season. Not just the sequence but for a large part WHAT results you get, when there are more than 305 stored for the hash number of a keyword, varies also (to learn more about hash numbers, get yourself the G15 PMN language). So you can, if you are in a hurry, write e.g. 'design design design design' on the input line, and you'll get several 305-sequences at once. The you must use YOUR OWN HEAD AND HEART, apply your own intelligence, to work out what the most meaningful links are. This is always easier on a PC with a large screen and a good separate mouse than on tiny screens and on such computers where you are obliged to look at time-consuming advertisements and such. A large PC where you, for swiftness, use such as the NoScript plugin in Firefox, and turn off cookies as well, allows you to independently put it on at some places where you think there is good content and you want to be sure you see all that's there. By getting used to emptying the browser of cookies before and after such free surfing on the net -- CTRL-SHIFT-DELETE usually works on Firefox, and Konqueror offers easy access to its settings where it can be done -- and by using such as NoScript which also prevents a portion of the Flash Cookies (see EcoNomy column for Flash Cookie Cleanser programs as well)) -- you get a faster access to the net, and with a freedom from having to worry about a number of potential security risks, which always go together with having a lot of computing power turned on for the machine you use to go to the net with. This is simple PC hygienics. We can support the notion of advertisements on the net without being in favour of those companies which maniacally try to spy on people. They have invented a nice name for their notorious practise: "Data mining." They compare it to gold mining. Others don't. In some cases, where you are pretty sure about at least a part of the website name, you can do a search-for-text-in-page -- at Firefox, this is CTR-F when you use a PC (and PCs with Linux are safter and cleaner than Apple, Microsoft or such as Google Chrome). By this, you can scan the whole result page. You can also redo the search with exact the same keywords many times and expect that there are novel results up to a point. You get max 305 results pr 3-15 sized keyword, with letter first, and no funny ethnic letters, and optionally numbers within, which you type in. Why 305? It's a generous, pretty number, it's a big crowd, and 3 relative to 5 is part of the golden ratio series, and we're into thinking about numbers in terms of symmetries and harmonies here, you know ;) So this isn't any stupid catalogue that brings you just 'what you want', rather it takes as starting-point that you, as a living human being with a living consciousness that NO TECHNOLOGY CAN EVER MIMICK (something which has been proved, confer our notes about Kurt Goedel's Second Incompleteness Theorem, and only intensely idiotic scientists can ignore the implications of that!), -- in short, then, you are a living awakened soulful human being, with a living soul and heart and spirit, and we relate to this beautiful fact by assuming that you're naturally curious and explorative and that you WANT TO BE SHOWN what possibly could appeal to you, what could flirt with your intellect or genitals or both, so that you work smarter and lovelier and get happier existence each day. This is the search engine that is the search engine WE OURSELVES WANT. You'll be certain that it gives you impulses to fresh actions in real life, outside of the computer, without pulling you into any scheme which is falsely addictive. This, then, is made by walking in between the two dimensions -- that of making something which is as much stimulating as can be, and that of making something which is as little addictive as can be. This, then, we consider a stimulus to your possibly enlightened life. We hope, then, your daily or weekly use of portal and search engine is a rough computer metaphor for walking in a pleasantly crowded street, with beautiful people in it, in a part of the city you're not used to, and you see NEW things, and also some familiar things -- and the keywords MAY apply but they need not (due to the 'hashing' process, which isn't influenced by deliberately TRYING to mesh in coincidences, it's a natural calculation). But what if your favorite websites this week, perhaps also your own, aren't coming up this month on the most obvious keywords? Well, TRY THE LESS OBVIOUS KEYWORDS then! But also, next month, you may find that your site comes along more often than you please, for a wide range of keywords. For EACH MONTH OR SO, WE CHANGE THE NUMBER CALCULATIONS SO THAT MORE OR LESS OTHER COINCIDENCES arise. In sum, this is like playing a game, it's influenced by your own actions BUT ALSO BY LUCK. But what you get up can enhance and stimulate your creativity. So it's a Creativity and Fun search engine, with a lot of pointers into Beauty, -- and so it's useful, for sure, but not JUST useful, and not even primarely 'useful' in the narrowminded sense of a boring catalogue or a dead-certain phrase matching thingy. OTHER THINGS, AND PRACTICAL INFO ABOUT THIS PARTICULAR PAGE: The list with links above: It's a well-made list, which certainly could have included many, many more -- -- but it's made on the premise that some hugely generally interesting sites are there available at once, without any fuzz. Additional links come when you search around, obviously, and these may well be of superior quality also as regards content, at least at times. Do please note that some of the news sites above have excellent in-site search engines; also do please note that searching on encyclopedias often provide excellent link to the rest of the net in sections called such as 'External Links', and which in some cases is at the bottom of the description. The color spring fresh green is often chosen in our works as stimulus because that's the color that is found to be most conducive to creative work harmony in all parts of the day and night, in numerous psychological studies on colors done e.g. by IBM before their launching of the first Personal Computer in the 1980s; in contrast, white provides too much contrast to black font whereas blue provides too much activation since the human retina is genetically programmed to respond to blue light as a morning color mostly. We sometimes use such as violet as a complementary color to spring green, and obviously use many other colors incl gray on elements in our physical surroundings; but our own research indicate that it is important, to entertain a naturally awakened mind, that has good connection to reality, that the computer isn't overdoing any imitation of reality in any way -- not by imitation of three-dimensional movement or depth, not by imitiation of rgb colors; in that way, the brain is clearly separating computer vision from experience of the rest of the world, with visual impressions of the rest of the world more vivid than that which is experienced on the computer. This is essential in order for the mind to have clear-cut priorities about where the REAL life is! The drawing is done through our own programming language Yoga6dorg G15, its Curveart program, utilising such visible lowres pixels as are found to provide additional harmonious stimuli for the creative worker. The G15 language has net info available through link given at the Avenuege G15 PC beneath. The (yoga=whole, 6d means a LOT dimensions!) is idealistically made, so that you with the minimum of quantity of clicks on the *L*O*O*K* button can get the maximum stimuli to wake you up for a brilliant work-day, or seek entertainment (adult form here). In contrast, most advertisement-driven search engines are made so as to maximalise the quantity of clicks needed to get useful stuff out of them. The search engine -- which, unlike most other search engines made by individuals and small businesses, does not access larger search engines via quiet server operations at all, but has it all done entirely independently -- with freshly made programs, doing their own search exclusively over the net -- so as to ensure real unbiased diversity and multiplicity in the stimuli for you. Yoga six searches only independent words, and for many keywords gives not just a new sequence, but new results also, each time you REPEAT search with SAME keyword! Moreover, there's a fixed intro with a lot of text that provides a kind of frame around the search results, which gives the whole a more positive frame than if the results are merely thrown at you. This notion of positive frames is also asserted in the portraying of beauty photography elements on top of this page, of course. This is something we have programmed because, for complicated work tasks, you may want to explore contexts of these words yourself, using -- and activating -- your own young mind and heart, rather than holding hands with the big brother of a search engine program that tries to find the same keywords within a single site, and which may in that process disregard a lot of important influences that you may want. Use MANY search approaches, and, also in an anti-big-brother way, seek to activate the types of social media websites that aren't trying to hypnotise you to get addicted to them or their programs or apps or games or anything. It's part of an independent strong stance relative to the net that you have an email that works for you, and that at the very least isn't requiring you to sit on the knees of a grandfather monopolitic big computer company. To acquire a good public email, one that does good work for you and which, together with such as uphelding a website for your business, is part of having a good social radiance, and some highly useful email information is found also here: free-emails.htm. PRIVACY-AWARE: A *R*E*A*L* THING WITH THE *L*O*O*K* BUTTON! ABOUT OUR IDEA OF "COUNTING": The approach we take as for statistics and counting is outlined in the Archive section, page 10 {"Heisenberg and Why Not Count Social Things"}, of our EcoNomy column. However, there are situations where it is practical to count something. The coincidence algorithm that produces fresh and new search results uses this counter as INPUT to itself -- so as to vary the results not just according to what you type, but according to a factor that is highly synchronistic and which we find serves the purpose well. Also, when a website is used moderately, we can allow ourselves more freedoms when it comes to how to implement it -- what strengths on the servers and so on. These things are PRACTICAL. We consider it in good taste to avoid storing not only WHO or WHERE someone is typing something in, but also to avoid storing WHAT they are searching on; so after producing the search results, there's no disk file record in our programs whatsoever. However the world wide web on this planet is implemented by means of a lot of computers which do their own type of logging so we mustn't assume that any part of Internet, or its more hidden parts, are truly creating any condition for privacy equalling that of pen and paper. Site-click-counter statistics without any tracking: This is a Relatively Free Fluctuation Number, adding from 1 to 305 to the counter which is input to our search engine lookup each time a search button in our Yoga4d/yoga6dOrg search is used, or each time this page is refreshed by a PC also viewing images, or each time the EcoNomy column is opened. The reason why we have a counter at all is threefold: numbers are fun, too; a number which changes a lot makes it easy for the search engine to vary the output each time, according to what the number is right now, combined with the keywords typed in; and, by calculating averages, say, over a week or month or so, we can get a sense of to what extent these sites of ours are presently being used out there in the big beautiful world. The affirmative value of a large number quickly changing is in alignment with our positive philosophy of synchronicities and of generating also income with a sense of good fluctuations, artistic variations. Apart from that, let us be clear, and repeat what we have also said elsewhere: Most counters of ANYTHING on the net reflect wishful thinking rather than reality. If a person spends a full hour of deep attention to one website that may count as 'one', but when scripts flash in on websites they may adjust the counters up with a million, with ease, without anybody having actually spent any quality time with these websites. News websites should refrain from referring to the counter values of such sites as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, since there is no independent verification of the accuracy of these numbers and the companies managing these servers have a business interest in seeing that the numbers get high up. The earlier information we have had in connection to these numbers, before we decided to put more RFFG-variation into them, is what follows in the next paragraph, -- the following paragraph, and similar paragraphs a couple of other places in our sites where we also have exactly the same counter, should now be read with the understanding that the average (half of 305) should be used in calculation site activity: Counter sets no cookies, logs no user info, and is for practical purposes, for coincidence algorithm to produce fresh search results on same keywords, and for planning capacities and quantities of servers we should employ in the future, and the counter records only quantity of clicks, not who is doing the clicks, and only at this particular website in our net of sites; counter reset regularly. Consult eg Archive section page 10 in the Yoga6d EcoNomy column (links are found in each "AFTERTHOUGHT" mini-essay there) as for why we caution not just USE of statistics, but any over-belief in statistics; also, interpretation of numbers must be done carefully: that something is popular may mean that it is good, but that something is used only rarely may mean that IT is good! ;-) AS FOR USE OF THE YOGA6DORG *L*O*O*K* BUTTON ABOVE, we've always described the use of search engine as follows: Minimum three letters, only uppercase/lowercase A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z and optionally digits 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 inside word, only short words, and only words which are not common to very many sites. No dash (-) or hyphen (_) in word. Space between the words. ***NOT ALL WORDS ARE GIVING ANY RESULTS: ONLY WORDS WHICH MATCH CERTAIN SLIGHTLY VARYING CRITERIONS INCLUDING THAT THEY APPEAR HIGH UP ON THE FRONT OF SOME WEBSITES, AND THAT THEY ARE NOT LEFT OUT DUE TO CRITERIONS OF TIGHTNESS OF THE DATABASE VIA A MECHANICAL COUNTING OF WORDS OR ROOTS OF SOME TYPE. ***USE HIGH SECURITY SETTINGS IN ALL FREE EXPLORATION OF INTERNET ALWAYS*** ***THIS SEARCH ENGINE DOES NOT RECORD YOUR PAST*** ***THIS SEARCH ENGINE SETS NO COOKIES*** ***THIS SEARCH ENGINE USES NO JAVASCRIPT*** ***THIS SEARCH ENGINE DOESN'T ATTEMPT TO RANK QUALITY BY MEANS OF QUASI-SMART PROGRAMS, BUT RATHER GIVES A FREE AND FRESH SEQUENCE EACH TIME WHEN THERE ARE MANY SITES MATCHING A WORD*** ***THERE ARE LOTS OF AMBIGUITIES: MANY SITES WITHOUT RELEVANCE ARE LISTED DUE TO COMMON HASHING NUMBER FOR THEIR WORDS OR NAMES, BUT THIS WILL USUALLY VARY AND MAY CONTRIBUTE TO A SENSE OF CREATIVITY*** Business mode is on, but the filter is rough and lets also porn mode sites through (and be sure that we acknowledge that for some, porn IS their business). IN ADDITION, NONPORN SITES ARE SOMETIMES PUT TO THE OVER18 CATEGORY. YOU WILL GET A VERY COMPLETE, BUT OFTEN PORN-RICH, SET OF SITES IF YOU USE THE OVER18 CATEGORY QUITE OFTEN. YOU CAN ACCESS THIS EITHER BY MEANS OF THE LINK WE NEXT GIVE, OR BY MEANS OF TYPING THE SEARCH KEYWORDS INTO THE SECOND RATHER THAN THE FIRST FIELD WHICH COMES UP ON TOP OF THE PURE FORM AND ALSO ON TOP AND AFTER THE SEARCH RESULTS EACH TIME. Due to coincidences relative to use of keywords, some sites only come up in the over18 section even though they should have come in the main section. To be sure you access the whole database, you can use also ***OVER 18 YR*** this ***ADULT***. The search engine and portal site is sponsored by our own commercial fashion and art site: Maintained by S R Weber INSTA:berlinib TWIT:avenuege TWIT:industrialbabes