Due to natural fluctuations in connectivities when we scan the net, a site can be gone one month and re-appear back the next
VARY SPELLING, USE ASSOCIATIONS, USE NOT-TOO-COMMON WORDS (hints!): Welcome to a dimension-rich search portal! Click here for its philosophy
***Porn mode is on***. To be more precise, there simply isn't any filtering applied here -- and this is of importance when you wish to ascertain for real whether the Yoga6d.org search engine in fact has a link that you weren't able to find in the Business Mode main section (the look.htm part). The filter is, by necessity, roughly made -- so as not to imitate the mind -- and that means that it doesn't include all NSFW (NotSuitableForWork) or porn sites, and it also does include sites which hasn't got any porn at all! To switch on the business mode (and be sure that we acknowledge that for some, porn IS their business), use look.htm. Be forgiving about links in both modes which are to pages no longer listed, or which are not available one day, but which may perfectly well be up again the next day. This is a relaxed approach -- and we do not quickly delete links underneath an existing site which no longer applies, because they serve the purpose of pointing out the existence of the main site. Once a year or so we do a deletion of most links that no longer seems to apply. Just select the left-side 'top level' of the site of links no longer applying. We believe it is therefore possible to build what we call a 'q-field resonance' between your own mind and the good workings of the G15 Yoga6dorg PMN program underlaying this FDB database. More about our programming language and that FDB database at norskesites.org/fic3, the original source site for the G15 programming language and its Primary Multiverse Noetics, or PMN, script on top of it. You will find links there to many other significant projects so that you see that Yoga6d.org search engine is just ONE aspect of a vast array of activities that we propose constitute a whole, a good spiritual whole, even if also with rough edges, somewhat arrythmic, and with a good degree of wilderness about its spiritual order! ;-) Minimum three letters, only uppercase/lowercase A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z and optionally digits 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 inside word, only short words, and only words which are not common to very many sites. No dash (-) or hyphen (_) in word. Space between the words. ***USE HIGH SECURITY SETTINGS IN ALL FREE EXPLORATION OF INTERNET ALWAYS*** ***NOT ALL WORDS ARE GIVING ANY RESULTS: ONLY WORDS WHICH MATCH CERTAIN SLIGHTLY VARYING CRITERIONS INCLUDING THAT THEY APPEAR HIGH UP ON THE FRONT OF SOME WEBSITES, AND THAT THEY ARE NOT LEFT OUT DUE TO CRITERIONS OF TIGHTNESS OF THE DATABASE VIA A MECHANICAL COUNTING OF WORDS OR ROOTS OF SOME TYPE. ***THIS SEARCH ENGINE DOES NOT RECORD YOUR PAST*** ***THIS SEARCH ENGINE SETS NO COOKIES*** ***THIS SEARCH ENGINE USES NO JAVASCRIPT*** ***THIS SEARCH ENGINE DOESN'T ATTEMPT TO RANK QUALITY BY MEANS OF QUASI-SMART PROGRAMS, BUT RATHER GIVES A FREE AND FRESH SEQUENCE EACH TIME WHEN THERE ARE MANY SITES MATCHING A WORD*** ***THERE ARE SOME AMBIGUITIES: SOME SITES WITHOUT RELEVANCE MAY OCCUR DUE TO COMMON HASHING NUMBER FOR THEIR WORDS OR NAMES, BUT THIS WILL USUALLY VARY AND MAY CONTRIBUTE TO A SENSE OF CREATIVITY*** The search engine at Yoga6d.org and its mirror sites are programmed in our own programming language and scans internet several times pr season from its own list, and builds up a fresh database in so doing. It is this database that is accessed and these programs that access it when you type in words above. There is no record of what you do. It is assumed that you are interested in selectively picking that which somehow benefits your energy, your mind, your interests, and so on, where you take responsibility for what you click on and also do not assume that what's not in this search engine is not possible to find on the net. There is no presumption of completeness and only words high up in the front or the like are usually scanned. Site-click-counter statistics without any tracking: Counter sets no cookies, logs no user info, and is for practical purposes, for coincidence algorithm to produce fresh search results on same keywords, and for planning capacities and quantities of servers we should employ in the future, and the counter records only quantity of clicks, not who is doing the clicks, and only at this particular website in our net of sites; counter reset regularly. Consult eg Archive section page 10 in the yoga6d.org/economy.htm as for why we caution not just USE of statistics, but any over-belief in statistics; also, interpretation of numbers must be done carefully: that something is popular may mean that it is good, but that something is used only rarely may mean that IT is good! ;-)