Yoga6d Search Engine links

	If you are ready to engage your mind in a new
	way, and you have a talent in handling formalisms,
	please look up which has
	a programming language which is shaped to encourage
	clear thinking and a lively mind, created by Aristo Tacoma,
	the undersigned.
	There is a general set of links, also to the search
	engine portal at at my site
    This website, and its associated handful of websites,
    is made with a belief that by clear ideas, by 
    encouraging dialogue over worldviews and sharp
    insights and also the enabling of gut feeling
    and intuition along the way, we can all make
    good progress.
    While it takes an enormous amount of hours, ideally
    by an enormous amount of people, to create a 
    search engine that is enabling this type of insight,
    it is important for this worker, at any rate, to
    point out that no such search engine exists today.
    My own search engine could only do this job given
    an enormous follow-up all the time, but it points
    out that it can be done. Like many others, I use
    the most-used search engines in my daily work,
    which includes fashion work. And like many others,
    for specific uses, I find that these search engines
    are very useful. When I put the same bund of most-
    used search engines to scan for the forefront 
    findings in science, these search engines do not
    work--even half the way. To explain how this is
    so can only be done given a tremendous amount of
    text and even so it requires a nerve to agree to
    it, because there is much science-loyality at stake
    to those who work in such as Google. If you find
    my postulate, as just said, somewhat fascinating,
    you can work out for yourself how this is true 
    by beginning to read, and comprehend, some of my
    eBooks and other material that is available if
    you look carefully through the links given higher
    up on this page. In the meantime, I urge you, anyone
    who has faith in dialogue as something positive in
    humanity, to not give in to any of the giga-companies
    nor their too-friendly journalist friends in the
    largest media companies, when it comes to handling 
    of the general knowledge of the universe and ourselves.
    Keep the big companies and their attempts to use
    the enquiry into humankind and the world for their
    own little purposes in leashes. Keep a part of your
    private life outside of their sphere. Learn how to
    switch off the biggest companies in parts of your
    everyday and everynight life. Maintain that freedom
    and that dignity, always. --A.T.